Our Mission

We got together and formed Atlantis Asset Management because we understand that the investment industry’s current “status quo” is not acceptable. The large firms, time and again, have demonstrated their lack of responsibility to a majority of investors. The investment management industry is two tiered. It is geared to serve the large accounts with the latest risk management and income generating strategies and the rest are left to accept the systematic risk of the financial markets.

Just ten years ago, most non-institutional investors did not have access to a range of non-correlated asset classes that could truly diversify an investment portfolio. Consequently, the lesson learned in the most recent market sell-off is that diversification does not mitigate portfolio risk. Without an advisor who is both experienced and adept at “Risk Management”, most clients are forced into either accepting the risk of capital loss for the potential of gain, or shying away from it all together.

Most investment managers and, so-called, “financial advisors” (brokers) will determine your risk tolerance by having you fill out a generic risk profile form and tailor a portfolio based on those few answers. From our perspective that is just the bare minimum. Today, there are investing techniques that can create extra income and reduce your risk, and all firms know about them, but they couldn’t be bothered because of the extra effort to employ them.

Our strategy is a blend of the best features of Strategic asset allocation and Tactical Investing. We have the dedication and the expertise to offer these simple and repeatable investing strategies to those that need it the most.

Today’s financial markets present a wide array of investment choices and investing styles. We understand this dilemma and embrace it as our opportunity to provide a highly valued service at the lowest possible cost to you. Our technology and service offerings are considered one of the best and the lowest cost in the business. Every dollar you keep is more money to grow in the market and the result is increased performance, and satisfaction.